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iPhone Motherboard Issue

The iPhone's motherboard, or logic board, is the device's most important part. It includes the processor, memory, and other critical components that allow the iPhone to function. Moreover, if there are some issues, it can lead to your iPhone crashing, freezing, or not turning on.

HelloRE offers iPhone motherboard repair services in Bangalore. iPhone motherboard repairs are complex Level 4 repairs which are performed by skilled trained technicians at HelloRE. Since these kinds of repairs are complex and involve methodical troubleshooting, it takes up to 3 days to diagnose the exact issue and provide a repair estimate. At HelloRE, we have been troubleshooting and fixing motherboard issues related to iPhones from the beginning. We are well-versed in nearly all logic board problems and every model. We are highly equipped with all the schematic diagrams and tools to efficiently troubleshoot issues with your iPhone.

Common iPhone Logic board Problems

There are some common iPhone motherboard issues that arise, Some of them are as follows:

  1. iPhone not turning on.
  2. The iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo.
  3. The iPhone keeps restarting by itself.
  4. iPhone touch screen not working properly.
  5. The iPhone Passcode keeps on repeating; it's on a loop.
  6. Not able to restore iTunes.
  7. iPhone charging but battery percentage not increasing.
  8. iPhone Backlight is not working.
  9. No wifi or mobile network in iPhone.
  10. iPhone is heating too much.
  11. iPhone battery is draining in standby mode.

How to troubleshoot iPhone Motherboard Issue?

Repairing an iPhone motherboard takes years of experience, tools, and the necessary quality parts. Here are some steps that are to be followed while troubleshooting your iPhone. They are as follows:

1. Soft Reset your iPhone - This will allow your iPhone to restart slowly without harming your data. The data is protected during this process. Press the side buttons and volume button together and wait till you see the slide to power off button. Once this appears, turn off your iPhone. To turn the apple device back on, hold the side button till the Apple logo appears.

2.Check your iPhone for low memory - Your iPhone's low memory can cause the device's performance to slow down, cause battery issues, and cause software installation issues. To check the memory go to settings > general > iPhone storage.

Why should you choose HelloRE for your iPhone motherboard repair?

HelloRE offers the best iPhone motherboard issue repair services in Bangalore. Our experts have more than 4 years of experience dealing with Apple products. We provide our customers with genuine OEM parts, which are supplied to us by original manufacturers.

We offer pickup and drop services, where our technicians will come to pick up your device, and once the service is done, it will be delivered back to your house or at your own convenience.

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FAQs for iPhone Motherboard Issue

Yes, the motherboard of an iPhone can be fixed. Motherboard repairs are very complex and hence usually require our trained professionals 3-5 days to complete.

Depending on the model of the iPhone and the issue, motherboard repair costs vary. After the diagnosis is completed the hellore team gives you a report and quotation to fix it. Please contact by calling on 9403890334 or by filling the form.

The following are some of the possible reasons for iPhone motherboard damage: iPhone fell accidentally in the water, Liquid on the iPhone, iPhone exposed to high temperatures or very low temperatures, iPhone fell accidentally, iPhone Unavailable.

The mainboard is the phone, changing it is almost equivalent to changing the entire phone. Every motherboard has its own unique IMEI number. So if you take out your current board and swap in a new one, the IMEI number will be different.

The diagnosis and repair of iPhone motherboard issues typically take up to 3 days at HelloRE. This timeframe allows our skilled technicians to methodically troubleshoot and provide an accurate repair estimate.

Common signs of iPhone motherboard problems include the device not turning on, being stuck on the Apple logo, frequent restarts, touch screen malfunctions, passcode loop issues, and difficulty restoring via iTunes.

Repairing an iPhone motherboard requires specialized tools, expertise, and quality parts. Attempting DIY repairs without proper knowledge can further damage the device. We recommend consulting our experienced technicians for professional diagnosis and repair.

Yes, at HelloRE, we prioritize quality and authenticity. We exclusively use genuine OEM parts supplied by original manufacturers for iPhone motherboard repairs. This ensures optimal performance and longevity for your device.

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