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iPhone Screen Replacement

Is your iPhone screen looking like a spiderweb after an unfortunate drop? Don't worry, accidents happen! We can help you get your iPhone back to its former glory with a quick and professional iphone screen replacement service.

At HelloRe, we understand the frustration of dealing with a cracked or damaged iPhone screen. Our professional iPhone screen replacement services are made to quickly and efficiently return your gadget to its original state.We guarantee a flawless experience utilizing genuine parts and knowledgeable experts, so you can get back to using your iPhone without any hassle.

The iPhone Screen Replacement Process:

Assessment: Our skilled team will carefully check your iPhone screen to understand the problem fully. Then, we'll explain what needs fixing and give you an estimate of the cost.

Replacement: If you agree with the plan, we'll either replace the screen at our service center or at your doorstep using our special ESD toolkit. We always use high-quality parts, either original or compatible, to ensure your iPhone works well.

Quality Check: Before we start fixing anything, we'll run a detailed check to find any other issues your iPhone might have - over 25+ checks in total. After we fix it, we'll check again to make sure everything's working perfectly. We want you to have a hassle-free experience and a phone that works like new.

Quality of the iPhone Screen

Replace iPhone Screen Repair with confidence

All our screens meet rigorous quality standards and are backed by industry-leading guarantees.

Premium Screen

Premium Screen

In our premium screen option, we utilize OLED screens to replace your broken iPhone screen. All our OLED screens undergo 100% testing for display performance, including luminance and color balance. OLED screens offer higher contrast and a purer display effect. While OLED screens are more expensive, they save more power, resulting in longer iPhone battery life. The OLED display screen replacement provides a 1:1 original feeling when using your iPhone.

Standard Screen

Standard Screen

All our standard quality screens are tested to strict quality standards. In our standard quality, we provide iPhone LCD screens. Our LCD screens have better brightness and color saturation compared to other Aftermarket TFT or IPS LCD brand screens, and we can guarantee it. Our LCD screens are very close to the original screen effect. Our aftermarket LCD screen replacements offer an affordable choice and reasonable price to repair your cracked or defective screen with long durability.

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FAQs for iPhone Screen Replacement

The time taken for iPhone screen replacement depends on the model and extent of damage. However, most replacements can be completed within an hour.

Yes, we take utmost care to ensure the safety and security of your data during the screen replacement process. However, we recommend backing up your data before bringing in your device.

Yes, we provide a warranty up to 12 months on our screen replacement services, ensuring that you're covered against any defects or issues with the replacement screen.

The cost of iPhone screen replacement varies depending on the model of your iPhone and the extent of damage. Contact us for a free quote and assessment.

Don't let a cracked or damaged iPhone screen disrupt your day. Contact HelloRe today for professional and reliable iPhone screen replacement services. Our team is here to help you get your device back to its best condition in no time.

1. Display area of the screen is shattered 2. Liquid leakage occurs on the LCD screen 3. Partial or complete failure of the touchscreen 4. The mobile phone has a splash screen 5. There are obvious gaps that affect operation 6. Obvious bubbles exist on the screen that affects daily use.

As organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), OLEDs are used to create digital displays in televisions, computer monitors, and portable devices such as smartphones and handheld game consoles. In contrast to LCD displays, OLED displays operate without a backlight since they emit their own visible light. Because of its unique structure, OLED is not only thinner than LCD, but it can also be made flexible.

Normally, screen replacement doesn't affect data on your phone. You can, of course, still back it up just to be safe. Also, we do require access to your device for testing purposes, so you'll need to share your passcode with us. We suggest you remove any sensitive data from your iPhone before giving it for repair.

In most cases, Apple warranty doesn't cover accidental damage.

Apple does not sell any of its spare parts in the market, so we cannot claim to install the "Apple Original" screen officially. However, the screen we use for replacement is of premium quality and on par with the original. Additionally, you receive up to a 1-year warranty with the service.

Disclosure: Apple does not sell its parts in the market, so we cannot claim to install "Apple Original" iPhone parts officially. However, we only use premium quality spares or original used parts that are removed from other (defunct) iPhones. In either case, you do get quality workmanship and a warranty with the repair.

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